The One In Which I Was Sad…And Happy

Surprise! its me! earlier than advertised and with a tale of two halves!

WARNING: Distressing Images/content!!



A long time ago I was watching the news and this image stopped me in my tracks…


This poor little Syrian boy made me cry and feel intense rage that I couldn’t do anything concrete to help him. About an hour later a friend of mine shared a post about a local boy who was fighting a type of brain cancer that is untreatable and has a life expectancy of 9 months……and there it was – the chance to help this child, I did what I could, made contributions to his treatment fund and publicised when the opportunity presented itself. An incredible support network appeared, fund raising and giving this family experiences they may not have had.

I also followed his dad on Facebook and most days there was something to smile about….


He was still attending school, he was playing squash, he was always laughing, but then slowly there were signs that things were moving quicker, treatment was changed and his marvellous family made a trip to Spain where they had been before and had so may happy memories.

Cancer then decided that Sumner had cheated death for long enough and took him just a day after he returned from Spain.

Now I want you to do me a favour, If you ever hear the term DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) do what you can to support that family, its not just about money its about a community holding a family in their arms – and I am proud to say that many communities held this family.

And before Sumner sends one of his eye rolling emojis from above, we will move on to happier things.

This blog will be coming to you fortnightly from now on! one post will be focused on the business and what I have planned and made. The other post will be what my mate Shell calls my random meanderings! it will be make up, politics,  fashion or anything else that has grabbed my attention!

Have a great day


Kisses Karen