It Was A Testing and Sweet July!

Good morning to you my lovelies! I am so happy that more people seem to be dropping in to my little corner of heaven! Here is whats been happening at WDS HQ this past – Very hot- July ……

Lets just get the weather out of the way first, its been boiling!! I live in lovely, leafy Sussex in the UK, except now it looks more like the Serengeti! this has however been a bumper year for flowers especially roses, heres my fave…..


This is called buff beauty and is very cafe au lait colour in the flesh. Why is there focus in the corner? because that is what I have been, super focused on getting a couple of things done and perfect.

Firstly, CE testing! I have been talking, faffing, talking some more and generally not getting it done until now!

I have spared you the pictures but all these makes are now CE tested….

I have one more to add to what is now my CE tested range and these will be available in a range of colours. I will soon be posting a colour chart here and on my Facebook page so that you can choose your very own combinations 🙂

The second thing is clay charms, there was such a lovely reaction to the charms that went with The Unicorn Bakery makes that I decided to make some more!

Now, full disclosure, I am a rip open the box, throw the instructions away kinda gal! I have never practiced anything in my life! But this took work, sometimes in 34 degree heat! but eventually we moved from the charm on the right to the charm on the left….


Over the next few weeks I shall be doing more practice and some more designs and putting them onto necklaces and keyrings. Hopefully they will be on sale in late August.

This charm went out yesterday on a collectors edition Unicorn cake unicorn…..


I have also been designing for Christmas but to see those designs you have to subscribe to my newsletter! They will be on my Facebook page at the end of august.

Thanks for popping by I shall have lots more to show you next month, in the meantime its kisses from me and kisses from these ….

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That Was The Year That Was!

Hello my little cupcakes! How ya doing? it occurred to me that this is the last post for this year ( I’m a bit slow on the uptake) so lets have a look at what happened…….


It wasn’t a great year health wise! finally, after 12 years I have a correct diagnosis for all my aches and pains, and by the beginning of next year I might have some effective treatment!

It was an AMAZING year for my teeny tiny company and it pretty much is all due to this…..


This unicorn ( a copyright free pattern from the now defunct Craftseller magazine) was ordered a total of 6 times! for me that constituted a viral hit!

I then had a sell out fair……..


Where I sold a bunch of bows and some things I had designed my self. This really gave me the confidence I needed to design for myself….

And this has meant that I have worked very single week since June and will be working up to Christmas Eve! Incredibly I was also asked to Kirstie Allsops Craft fair ( i couldn’t go as I had no stock!).

Whats in store for While Darcey Sleeps in the coming year? Im going to get child safety accreditation for my makes, I’m going to keep designing in the kawaii style (Japanese for cute), I’m going to sell patterns, kits and fabric felt and I’m going to plan to be ready for Kirstie this year!



This blog started in December 2013, a year to the day after my first panic attack, that original blog post had a picture of a bag that had summed up how I felt……


How appropriate that everything unicorn has made me have the most successful year!

The first person to follow my blog was Mrs P and she said “I can’t wait to see where that unicorn flies”, well Mrs P, that unicorn is getting turbo chargers!

Grab on everyone and lets see just how far this unicorn can fly!

Love you lots

Karen xxxx


Coming To A Blog Near You!!

Well good morning my little tiddly winks! have you missed me? I’ve missed you but I have been MAHOOSIVELY busy, I’ve been making these……..


Teeny little unicorns with lavender scented hair! and I’ve made one of these of these…..


Only one as it is so tiny! and more than a few of these……


Little baby Dino’s! and many of these…..


These teeny Frappucinos have been unicorn coloured, pumpkin lattes and festive for no apparent reason!


And now I have a herd of these to make!

All of these little things are so important to me, not only because I sold lots (a girl can’t live on unicorn toast alone) but they are all my own patterns.

So, I am relaunching the blog! it will be almost completely focused on craft, and the things I am making but there will be times I need to tell you about a fab new lipstick and times when something has happened that has me completely riled!! and just as soon as I get time to write patterns down there will be free patterns and ones to buy!

I also have a new shop, however the best place to keep up with new products and to nab them before they get to the shop, is to follow my page at

So, i’ll see you here on the first of every month, now off you go and be awesome!


Karen xxx

Who Runs The World? Girls! (Obvs)

I have a butterfly mind, or put less politely an inability to focus! but this week it has really struck me how marvellous we as women are! There was Kate Middleton 10 hours after delivery facing the worlds press, yes she has a team of people making her look photo ready, but she still had to haul ass and stand and smile. In the worlds I inhabit, blogging and crafting, women are the ones making the money and pushing the boundaries. Clever women that are running businesses from kitchen tables and my favourite – from shedquarters! these are women finding creative solutions to work, raising children and in some cases, like myself, working with long term illness.

So let’s celebrate the women doing it their way, here are some of my favourite ladies who are leading the charge! First up is Katie at Felted Fancies Supplies, this is where I get my supplies from, its full of gorgeous felt, fabric and other goodies, plus your package come with a packet of fizzers!

imageimageimage This is how Katie got started: “I started selling supplies as I got really busy making felt name banners and managed to source some felt wholesale, thinking that i would keep some and maybe sell some off, well it all sold out and I had people asking for more! So I bought some and people then were asking for ribbons and buttons. So with baby steps I purchased a few extra bits each week. I concentrated on the great quality acrylic felt, but over time built up a great selection of everything. My aim in time is to create a one stop shop, for everything felty!”

You can find Katie here:

Then we have Shell From Shells Cards, Colouring and Crafts, Shell is an amazing artist and despite having Fibromyalgia she is one of the most uplifting people I know, check these out…

. image


Here is Shell’s story: “I had been crafting for several years and had sold cards to family, but that was it. I started my business accidentally in a way….I noticed whenever I posted photos of my makes on my own profile I only got a handful of likes, and I was worried that I might be driving people mad, so I set up a separate page and asked that the people that liked my photos to pop over and like the new page. This led to a work colleague ordering 40 birthday invites and that was when I realised that this could be a business. Its grown very rapidly, I learnt about networking and built a list of regular likers, I worked out costings and designed a logo and branched out into items other than cards, which is where I am today, roughly 2 months after I started my page”

You can find Shell here:

Finally, Its not only craft businesses that thrive on Facebook, one of my particular favourites for items with a retro flair is the Vintage Cottage, here is just a small selection of the lovely items to be found on this page….


This is how they got started: “I started my business in January 2012, I started up a Facebook page and started with painted furniture and shabby chic, but my love was always retro. So I started to source and sell items from 1950 through to 1970. Now I am living the dream of having my own shop.”  Find The Vintage Cottage here:

Tomorrow is the General Election and after discussing the work life balance, childcare and working with illnesses, please I am begging you, go and vote! I don’t care what you vote but VOTE! Make sure that the political system hears your voice.

Nagging over! next week we follow a local business -Rose and Bea to her new venture on the high street to see what it’s like when you hit the real world.

Do you have a favourite business that operates on Facebook? give them a shout out in a comment!