Colour Of The Year Goes To…..Greenery!

Good Morning to you fair reader! I have had this post in the back of my mind since January, every year the colour experts at Pantone decide on a colour of the year. Last year two colours made the grade…….

Ah the beauty that is rose quartz and serenity! This year however Pantone have chosen this……

It’s green, very green not mint or emerald …..just green. As you can probably gather green is not my favourite but I was ready to do my usual round up of products that will bring you bang up to date, I was ready to hunt out all the greenery goodies for you. 

However it turns out that the high street aren’t feeling it either, I found mint and pistachio and sage but greenery was thin on the ground. Just in case it is a wild success for you here is what I found…….

This lovely bag comes from Boden, not cheap at £140 but bang on the greenery trend. Too much money? Or too green? Try this…..

This mini beauty with its cute bag charm comes in at a mini price of £17.99, head over to Zara for this.

How about some shoes? ………..

These sandals are from Clarks and are £55.I can testify to their comfort as I have some from a previous season.

Still not convinced? How about just a pop of green in your cosmetics? First up…….

A tiny bit bright but would look fab close to the lashes for a flash of colour. This is from Beauty bay, made by Sugar Pill and £11.00.

Nails next…..

My personal favourite is this Illmasqua nail varnish in Radium, £14.50 and available widely on line.

Finally, this one is a bit of a cheat…..

This Barry M lipstick is green in the bullet but turns pink on your lips! A bargainous £4 and available widely.

And a bit of a PS: Butter London have done a collaboration with Pantone, there is a set including Greenery and some of the other colours for 2017…..

but as far as I can make out only available in the US currently where it’s retails for $39.

So there you have it, I might just go and get that Illmasqua polish to break myself into this trend. What’s your thoughts on Greenery? I’d love to hear from you!


Karen  xxx

Its Monday Month!!

I am currently reading The Beautiful and the Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald, its beautifully written of course but this quote takes the biscuit “January, its the monday of the months”! Doesn’t that just sum up the cold, boring, nothing to look forwards to that is January? So, my darlings how ever shall we cope? here are the things that are softening the blow for me

I am a huge believer in the power of mindfulness, but it can be tricky to do especially if you have the attention span of a gnat (like me) or your minds doing a mile a minute (thats when you need it  most) so here is a fabulous app called Pause…..


You literally move a coloured bubble round the screen, first with your eyes open and then with them shut. After a while you realise that you are in a deep relaxed state without really trying! available in the Apple app store and on Google.

January saw me starting on a drug called Methotrexate, its chemotherapy but I take it for my inflammatory arthritis, as you can imagine it causes nausea, sore mouth etc. So my next can’t live without is smoothies…….

Made with Repix (

I usually have a chocolate mint one from the Deliciously Ella book, but my new favourite is a peanut butter and “jam” one that appeared in Red magazine this month, the jam is in fact a handful of raspberries or strawberries, add a half avocado, almond milk and peanut butter, sweeten with coconut syrup. i didn’t have any coconut syrup so sweetened it with date syrup, it is yummy!

It is bitterly cold at the moment so my normally dry lips have taken on desert like qualities! I have been relying on this lippie……..

Made with Repix (

Its by diego della palma and is amazingly moisturising and available at Marks and Spencer.

The weather has also meant a change in body lotion, at the moment I can only use the body butter made by Amanda Pirret, find her at and this beauty bought for me by my daughter for Christmas……

Made with Repix (

The Alien by Thierry Mugler  fragrance isn’t for everybody but I love it, cover yourself head to toe and you won’t need fragrance, certainly not cheap at approx £24 but I think totally worth it, available at all major department stores and online beauty retailers.

Finally, I did manage to open my Etsy store this week but currently there is nothing in it! as soon as there is i’ll let you know!

















Resolve Those Resolutions!

I want to get a tattoo, just a small one, I want it to say Invictus which is a Latin word meaning unbroken, unsubdued and invincible.  I want that word because I am unbroken, I’ve survived all sorts of illness, and trials and tribulations and I have emerged if not with a smile on my face at least with some nice lipstick……..image

So what does that have to do with resolutions I hear you ask? it has everything to do  with it! I’m sure that like me you have made resolutions in the past and by February ( or January 5th if you are me!) they are a thing of the past because they are too difficult or you don’t have time….


But here’s the thing: you are dropping that little resolution at the same time as working, looking after children, elderly relatives, housework and in some cases dealing with your own ill health! You organised Christmas and will be doing birthdays, holidays, play dates, MOTs and everything else that happens in your house. You are already INVICTUS!!!! You are INVINCIBLE!!! That little resolution is nothing compared to what you already achieve!!!

At this point there are a million and one motivational quotes I could give you that would illustrate this point but I want to give you something real, said by a real woman, here’s the Great British Bake Offs winner, Nadia to say it better than anyone………


So lets say it together, say it loud! I can and I will!

Here’s to 2016, let it be the best year yet!



Karen xxx

Red Hot and Fuschia?

I am tired, not just today but always, I suffer from three different conditions that all have fatigue as a symptom, add in medication side effects, exhausted is a polite way to describe me! After reading lots of articles telling me that a red lipstick was the way to lift a tired complexion I convinced myself that the one thing I needed more than anything was a kick ass red lipstick!

Oh, dear reader how simple life would be if you could bowl into a shop and just buy a red lipstick! But it isn’t, it’s a 24 carat nightmare! Here is my painful story……

I started with what I thought would be a foolproof buy, Charlotte Tilbury in Love Bite…..


Wow it was red! And totally overwhelmed my face, it was the tomato red that an  online test ( yes really) assured me was the one but no that wasn’t it, undeterred I then bought three mini lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury  that included the suits all red ” So Marilyn”……….


A beautiful colour but again just way too much.

Off to the high street this time and the Loreal Collection Exclusive “Blakes red” …………..


Imagine my horror that this didn’t look red, but more pink, hang on though, this actually looked better.

So, it looks like red wasn’t me but Fuschia definitely was, dear reader I give you Charlotte Tilbury’s Velvet Underground…….image

Hooray!! Face lifting, brightening and not too in your face. This one came courtesy of an early birthday present from my mum and dad but should you want your own head to

All the pictures are unfiltered to hopefully show you the true colour.

Next week is my birthday and I am celebrating with  another up cycling project hopefully!



One Wedding And A Cardie!

So there it is, the invite is on the doormat and the joyful occasion of your friends nuptials is on its way. Inevitably that means the purchase of a new outfit, at this point it is worth mentioning I am generously proportioned so the danger of a dress making me look like a sofa are dangerously high! Here is how my wedding outfit came together

i tend to do most of my shopping on the net as most of the curvy retailers are to be found here. I usually shop the Curve range at or at On this occasion I couldn’t find anything there so I headed to a relatively new player:- Violetta at Mango, and turned up this little beauty…..


It was super flattering and perfect for the forecast 22 degrees…more of that later! Now I had to source some accessories, my gut instinct with these is to go very coordinated but I am trying to be a bit more adventurous, I found this gorgeous bag in the Next sale…..


The pale pink and gold really seemed to work, so now I needed similar shoes. These are a problem for me because of my arthritis, I normally live in trainers or FitFlops but that just wasn’t going to do! This is when Clarks came to the rescue! They have lots of cushion soled shoes and sandals and these fit the bill and will do me for the rest of the summer….


Then we move to accessories, I needed some simple gold pieces and found a necklace from Accessorize and a ring that I had that was on offer from…….


That just leaves the face, I wanted a soft pink, kind of vintage feel and Bourjois came up trumps with this palette, called Rose Vintage! I stuck with them for lips and this Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, which is actually quite pink! I used my usual foundation – Bare Minerals Bare Skin and waterproof mascara (obvs!) again from Bourjois……..


As for scent, I didn’t bother! Has she finally lost it? I hear you cry, no, I was wearing some perfumed body butter from Perfectly Handmade another brilliant business run on Facebook by the lovely Amanda. The Cinq products she makes smell very much like another perfume with 5 in the name! Check her out at

Finally the weather it turns out that it was approximately 13 degrees on the day and my neighbour had to rescue me with a lovely pale gold cardie! It was a lovely day despite the weather and lovely to see an old friend so happy.

Have you got any weddings this year? I would love to see your outfits if you do!


Karen xx