The One With The Disco Budgies!

Morning cupcakes! do you remember Friends? I loved the way their episodes were titled “the one with”, well if this week was an episode of Friends this would be the one with the disco budgies! let me explain….

Ive just joined a support group for people with Hypermobility syndrome, through this I’ve met a lovely girl called Lucy and long story short I am doing a picture of her birds as practice for me. I sorted out my palette of Inktense pencils (the ones I use for all my pictures) and this happened………..

Neon yellow discotastic budgies! aaarrrgggghhh! there was nothing else to do but start again, but by this time I had “used up” my painting arms and needed to do something else, so instead of continuing with my House Of Cards marathon I thought about what I could do instead that would still benefit my business.

First up, the felt box, look what a state its in post Christmas rush……..

Oh the horror! so I took at patterns and put them in a file, piled up the felt neatly and took out the cottons, ribbons and buttons and stashed them away.

This had got me in a grown up, sort stuff out sort of mood, so then I planned out the next three months work in detail on my Mayi Carles Planners…..

I also put down some ideas for the rest of the year!

Finally I ordered shade cards from my usual felt supplier Felted fancies Supplies…….

This year things I make will be EXACTLY the right colour.

All this effort made me think of my friend Nik’s New years resolution, she said that she was just going to do the same stuff but maybe a little better. Thats exactly what I’m going to do, just give each day that extra 5 or 10% and keep my business at the front of my mind the whole time.

Have a super week



PS here are your links: (for your business planners)






I Get Pierced And The President Turns Orange!

Hello my little mince pies! This has been a bit of a week! First I got my ear pierced! Read on for the details, then my consultant has changed my diagnosis again, so I won’t be getting the treatment I thought, just medication for symptoms, and then what had started as a joke became a reality…President elect Donald Trump! This will be an interesting 4 years!

So what do we need in a time of uncertainty? People we can rely on! Here are some companies that are just great at giving you exactly what you need. Sorry for the stock photos, it’s all arthritis fault, keep reading and you will be rewarded ;).

First that piercing…..


This was done for me at ……….

Swift, reasonably priced and completely professional I will be going back!

Just down the road is this………

This is Cass Art, simply the best art supplies shop there is, regular promotions make them budget friendly and the range of materials run from half term supplies to the high grade professional.

Now to my online go getters ……….

This German retailer blows all its competitors out of the water! I’ve just bought Dr Hauschka moisturiser ( which retails for £29.50)and a relaxing bath set (£17) for £32 including delivery! And don’t worry if your German isn’t great just hit the Uk flag and the page will translate and display the prices in sterling.

At this time of year I get through a lot of felt, my go to for super quality felt and embellishments is…..

Swift delivery, beautiful felt and a sweetie in every pack makes this company a winner.

Finally, one of the many yarn suppliers I use……

Apart from their so cute logo, this company is so competitive on price and has a lot of hard to find yarns.

And here is your gift for putting up with the stock photos, my ‘poo crew hitting the skate park hard!


How sweet are they? Now I’ve finally loaded video successfully I will be doing some watch me work videos and some DIYS in the New Year.

Here’s to a peaceful week



I’m Being Perfectly Unoriginal!

Good Morning my darlings! Do you remember the backpack that I have  been inching towards completion? It was very influenced by the lovely Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily bag……img_3866

Well it seems like I’m not the only one that thought it was lovely, here is a Fendi bag and one from Simply Be………

It took me a long time to realise that designers don’t walk around with their brains stuffed with completely original ideas, that all design is influenced by what has come before, so without further ado, here is the finished backpack…….

Well…not exactly,because I was so pleased with how it was shaping up I searched for actual proper straps, d rings and a way to attach the d rings….

Can you spot the missing component? yup no d rings they are winging their way to me! and I have decided on some icord rather then ribbon that gathered the original…..

I have got another bag on the go ( I decided that I need to practice bag making before starting on my own designs ) I will share it with you soon but next weeks post will be all about my trip to the valley of the nerds-i’m off to Comic Con!

In the meantime who wants a link?

The yarn is Billie Jean from

The straps and D rings came from

The flowers are from my stash of felt and other fabrics but great stuff is available at and


Kisses Karen




Who Runs The World? Girls! (Obvs)

I have a butterfly mind, or put less politely an inability to focus! but this week it has really struck me how marvellous we as women are! There was Kate Middleton 10 hours after delivery facing the worlds press, yes she has a team of people making her look photo ready, but she still had to haul ass and stand and smile. In the worlds I inhabit, blogging and crafting, women are the ones making the money and pushing the boundaries. Clever women that are running businesses from kitchen tables and my favourite – from shedquarters! these are women finding creative solutions to work, raising children and in some cases, like myself, working with long term illness.

So let’s celebrate the women doing it their way, here are some of my favourite ladies who are leading the charge! First up is Katie at Felted Fancies Supplies, this is where I get my supplies from, its full of gorgeous felt, fabric and other goodies, plus your package come with a packet of fizzers!

imageimageimage This is how Katie got started: “I started selling supplies as I got really busy making felt name banners and managed to source some felt wholesale, thinking that i would keep some and maybe sell some off, well it all sold out and I had people asking for more! So I bought some and people then were asking for ribbons and buttons. So with baby steps I purchased a few extra bits each week. I concentrated on the great quality acrylic felt, but over time built up a great selection of everything. My aim in time is to create a one stop shop, for everything felty!”

You can find Katie here:

Then we have Shell From Shells Cards, Colouring and Crafts, Shell is an amazing artist and despite having Fibromyalgia she is one of the most uplifting people I know, check these out…

. image


Here is Shell’s story: “I had been crafting for several years and had sold cards to family, but that was it. I started my business accidentally in a way….I noticed whenever I posted photos of my makes on my own profile I only got a handful of likes, and I was worried that I might be driving people mad, so I set up a separate page and asked that the people that liked my photos to pop over and like the new page. This led to a work colleague ordering 40 birthday invites and that was when I realised that this could be a business. Its grown very rapidly, I learnt about networking and built a list of regular likers, I worked out costings and designed a logo and branched out into items other than cards, which is where I am today, roughly 2 months after I started my page”

You can find Shell here:

Finally, Its not only craft businesses that thrive on Facebook, one of my particular favourites for items with a retro flair is the Vintage Cottage, here is just a small selection of the lovely items to be found on this page….


This is how they got started: “I started my business in January 2012, I started up a Facebook page and started with painted furniture and shabby chic, but my love was always retro. So I started to source and sell items from 1950 through to 1970. Now I am living the dream of having my own shop.”  Find The Vintage Cottage here:

Tomorrow is the General Election and after discussing the work life balance, childcare and working with illnesses, please I am begging you, go and vote! I don’t care what you vote but VOTE! Make sure that the political system hears your voice.

Nagging over! next week we follow a local business -Rose and Bea to her new venture on the high street to see what it’s like when you hit the real world.

Do you have a favourite business that operates on Facebook? give them a shout out in a comment!