I Am Falling For October!!

Good Morning you lovely people! well, two weeks have passed and I have aged a year! and if you are in the mood for more conundrums, my sister and I are born on the same day but are not twins!!  the has such a bad sense of direction that she couldn’t even find her own birthday! but seriously she’s the best present I ever had. A couple of days before our birthday I found this rose in my garden which I thought was very appropriate!………

The autumn or fall is making its mark in the woods near WDS HQ…….

And on the theme of change, we have had a makeover! what do you think? im hoping you will like the fact you can find the follow buttons etc a bit easier.

Some new makes have happened, firstly Sakura, the cherry blossom fairy…..


and Rudi the CE tested reindeer, who is safe for children from birth………


and both are for sale in my new shop at http://www.mycrafty.co.uk/while-darcey-sleeps and also on the shop ’till you drop page on the this blog!

This little pincushion is a prototype pin cushion with some decorated pins……

This is Miss mIllie cat and she loves cake! she is based on my darling Millie cat who loved all food! watch out for the improved versions coming soon!

What is coming soon? On Friday 19.10 I shall be releasing some clay jewellery with Halloween and Christmas themes, I made these a while ago …

Expect more glitter, cute faces and maybe some spooktacular themes!

I also want to find some time to start two projects with very new to me techniques, heres your clues…..

Have a fab day and don’t forget to follow me on facebook for the very latest news!

Kisses Karen xx




A Purple Poodle, A gingerbread Man and a Unicorn Oh My!

Good morning to you and welcome to September! I have spent most of August making Christmas things and purple poodles!

Before we get to the goodies, I wondered if you would like to know a bit more about me? lets start with my qualifications for this business…

None! I have a C grade o level (ask your mum) in art and a few others none of which have anything to do with what I do now!

My business was a reaction to illness making me unable to work in my usual trade – working for the government -and rediscovering art after receiving therapy for what used to be called a nervous breakdown. My darling mum, retaught me to knit and crochet, bought me books and yarn and encouraged me to make.

While we are on the subject of family, I met my husband at work, he wooed me by making fishcakes and bringing them into work with rolls and tartare sauce- it was a no brainer! I moved into his flat that looked out onto the Thames (another no brainer) and very soon we had our daughter – the prettiest, smartest, funniest girl in the world.

We moved out of London when I quit work and now we live in Sussex – its a lovely place for 360 days of the year, the other 5 I have to get back into London, breathe the pollution, shop and eat in places I don’t usually, and return to the ‘burbs refreshed!

Oh and we got these two….


On the right you have Darcey, the girl with only 2 speeds – on or off, when I started this business I could only work while she was asleep- this was another no brainer moment, my business had to be called While Darcey Sleeps! on the left her slightly odd “brother from another mother’ Milo, he is a poodle ….and an evil genius!

Which as they say in the movies brings us to here! I have been working hard on marketing this year and for once started my Christmas makes in August, which is when you have to do it apparently! So, here are some of what you can expect from me, first up Noelle the Christmas fairy…..


This girl can be any colour you want , I just made a traditional one to get us all in the festive spirit! she features a handmade candy cane charm made by me!

What would a Christmas be without a unicorn make from me? heres something a little different, a tree bauble…..

Again you can have this in any colour you like, more festive, more sparkly just let me know!

A Christmas classic is the next make…..

smaller than my usual makes, they are designed to hang on the tree, not scented but could be? and if you fancy a larger one just shout!

Finally not Christmas related but an ideal gift, my first Patisserie Poodle!

This is Violetta the blossom macaron poodle, she is inspired by  these kinds of macarons….


I made her blossom macaron charm and she will smell like parma violets- yum!

I will also start shipping to the rest of the world! next blog will have the shipping rates but if you cant wait to place an order  drop me a message or email ( all details on the about page).

I will be back mid month to catch you up on whats going on in our little corner of heaven, in the meantime have a lovely couple of weeks!






Mikado, Maltesers And Mum!

Morning my lovelies! Welcome to the delayed post about my mums 70th, delayed so the birthday girl didn’t see her cake before she got to eat it! 

When I was planning this post I had in mind a very glamorous, Instagram worthy thing of loveliness but as yesterday progressed I realised that wasn’t important, it was the little details, the traditions that are important to your family that matter, that happen every birthday or Christmas, here’s ours…

1. There is always a theme, for mums birthday it was very loosely the Mikado….

My mum is a very talented lady and as a teenager had done all the set for her schools staging of the Mikado, and had the opportunity to be a window dresser.Her life took a different turn from there for one reason and another, so I just wanted to remind her of how clever she is.

2. There is quite often a themed cake but not yesterday……

This cake had to be malt as its my mums favourite, and this took it to the next level! To make your own you will need the magic gizmo that supports the pouring part, head to http://www.lakeland.co.uk. Also, my daughter to make the incredible vegan chocolate cake!

3. Indoor fireworks….that we let off outside (because of the number of asthmatics!) …….

And sometimes whilst it’s still light outside!

4. We get a little bit dressed up, sometimes according to theme but it was a bit hot for kimonos, but mum still beat me in the glittery nails competition……….

5. My sister in law always looks amazing, and never seems to get hot and sweaty like the rest of us……

Here she is looking like Jackie O….grrrrrrrr….

And let’s not forget the birthday girl……..

This was not yesterday’s outfit but she’ll kill me if I post an unmasked one! My mum is brave, talented, opinionated, supportive and as mad as a bag of badgers, and as it says at the top of this post I wouldn’t know how to love without her.

I love you, you ginger nutter!!!

So here’s to tradition and dressing up like parrots, have a great week!


Karen xx

Love You Millions

So, here we are, one day to go to my first proper craft show and 2 weeks to my first ever art show! It has put me in a reflective mood about the journey I took to get here. Truth be told, I did not travel alone and because   I will never make an Oscar acceptance speech, I wanted to say this:

I want to thank my therapist, seriously if it wasn’t for Daphne Beaton there would not be any of this, she’ll argue with you but take it from me she’s a genius!

I want to thank my family, particularly my mum and sister who encouraged ( some might say pushed) me to pick up a brush again.

Sammy the hairdresser for encouraging me out from behind my hair.

I want to thank the girls that like and comment on here and on Facebook, particularly Amanda Pirrett of Perfectly Handmade Pampering and Michelle of Shell’s Colouring, Cards and Craft.

I want to thank Jules for her tea and cake and support and encouragement and for laughing with me all the way round our woods.

To Nikki Nicholls for being the one who said I should do this, it’s only taken me 11 years to take your advice!

And Julia from Maximus, quiet, patient, supportive and a glamour icon!

Leeza, for asking me how I am , whilst being so ill yourself, and Grace- you sparkly fairy.

To my darling Darcey, for giving me the confidence to talk again.

Carys, I know you are going to hate this but you really are my star, you pushed for this, you keep me looking the right side of middle aged and you are as funny, beautiful and clever as you can be.

My husband Neil for consistently being here, as the comedian Ray Romano said ” you go to sleep, they are there, you wake up, they are there, it sounds like a bad thing but it really isn’t ” and it really isn’t, it is what keeps you on your feet and able to be the person you want to be.

Finally, here’s to you dear reader, for showing up, for following, for commenting and liking, every time you do you send a bunch of love to my heart, so I’m sending you these…..


So, whatever success comes my way over this next couple of weeks, it is in part yours too,




p.s there’s a tutorial coming your way!


Do your Facebook and Instagram feeds contain a lot of images captioned with #Blessed? Mine does and it made me think what I have that would merit that description, this is what I came up with.

This Saturday most of my family are gathering to celebrate my Mums birthday and the arrival of our new puppy. I love my family so much, it is full of talented and loving adults and six of the brightest, funniest children you could wish for. Here we are on a family holiday ……….


So far, so #blessed right? Not completely, all the adults have had health scares and the majority live with serious chronic illness, some of us have faced life threatening illness. Throughout our trial and tribulations we have always had the unconditional support of the red head in the centre of the group – or mum!

My mum has dealt with her husbands illness for the best part of 40 years, her own illness, and for the last two years a condition that can only be managed by aggressive steroid therapy. I could tell you how brave she is, how generous, but let’s just celebrate what makes her great.

My mum loves make up as much as me, one of my earliest memories is of her alpplying her cake mascara, for the youngsters amongst us this what it looks like……..


In in fact she loves her make up so much, she has made us promise that is she is ever in a coma, we will come and put her make up on and dye her hair which brings us to its colour…..


Her hair is Titian red naturally, now it receives a little chemical assistance 😉

She is also multi talented, she makes coffee cake that would make an angel cry…..


And knits, sews and quilts, here are the quilts she made my dogs, yes you heard me correctly, dogs…


She is the queen of malapropism, for example “the cheese straws have a touch of canine pepper in them”!

So thats just a few of the things that make my mum great, and in the most public way possible,I wanted to say….

Happy Birthday Mummy!!!!!


Karen xxx