My New Year Heroes!

Morning loves! January is a hideous month, too dark, too cold and fundamentally it’s not Christmas! So how do we get through it? Why don’t you join me for a look at some gorgeousness, some of which is actually useful! I promise it might make life more bearable 🙂 

Make up – for some of us girls ( me included) sticking some nice make up on is really beneficial, making us feel more confident, this lovely Younique palette is rapidly becoming my go to …….

Full of lovely pinks and purples, with matte, shimmer and downright glittery shaded, it really does shine some light on the darkest day and the colours are a lot more subtle on the eye……

Art supplies – I know, not all of you are artists but I know a lot of people are colouring and card making and doing lots of lovely crafty stuff, take a look at these beauties……..

These clever little minxes do all the shading for you, the pen gets put in a mixing chamber and then you just colour and bingo! All shading done by the pen!

Sales! – my favourite bag brand Nica is on sale all over the place at the moment, although Nica’s sale is over this beauty is in the special offer section on their website…..

And it’s £20! No shipping and in a variety of colours! Sorry I’ve got to lay down for a minute…..

I’m back with our final goody kale chips! Buy a bag of pre chopped kale, discard the tough stalk bits, put on a bowl and spray with fry light, spread evenly on a baking tray…….

Put on the oven at a medium high heat and WATCH THEM, these little devils will burn if you leave them to their own devices! Take them out when the edges are browning and place in a bowl to cool and crisp up……..

And eat!

 by the way the crystals that appear in the pictures are chosen for inspiration, creativity and peace,my New Year gift to you!



I Fearlessly Go Inside The Pyramid!

Welcome my loves, first of all thanks for all the love of last weeks post, it meant a lot to me and the ginger nutter! Now let’s get down to business, if you have any contact with social media you will be acquainted with one or more of these brands; Younique, Forever Living, Actiderm and Jamberry. 

These brands rely on their presenters putting their brand message out there and let’s be honest recruiting more people to the fold. But that’s not the whole story, what about the products? I’ll be clear from the outset none of the brands pay me or asked for this review, I just thought it would be interesting to see what was behind the hype.

So let’s get going first up is Forever Living, my lovely Pilates teacher Tamsin provided me with this bunch of samples……

All the products are based on natural ingredients like Aloe and Propolis. Between me and my daughter we tried everything, the stand out products for me were the heat lotion which does the job without skin irritation, and the Aloe Propolis cream which I used on my very cracked feet, it delivers great moisture and softness. Carys loved the lip balm which was really moisturising without greasiness. I will be buying a product that I didn’t test, the company produces a number of Aloe drinks that have various minerals added, I will be buying the version called Freedom that is helpful for joint care.  Head to

Now I have reviewed Younique before but was lucky enough to win a raffle for a box of their make up…..

These kits are called Kudos and this one is in support of child sexual abuse charity called defend innocence. Inside is a cream to powder eye shadow, an eyeliner a lipstick and a bracelet. Here are the swatches…..

These are great products but the standout for me is the marvellously named splurge eyeshadow! This is a mousse like product that goes on so smoothly and. Does. Not. Budge. Ever!!! I wore it on a boiling hot day and it was still perfect at the end of the day. It’s not cheap at £21 but I think it’s worth it. Here’s your link

I jumped in on an Actiderm group on Facebook run by a lovely lady called Leah and bought a cream to powder eyeshadow for comparison …….

This is also a cracking product, a bit less pigmented but with a lovely cream to powder formulation , it is also a stay s put product.The price for this is  £11 And you can pop over to Leah’s site  here

Last but definitely not least is Jamberry nail wraps, these are applied at home but deliver salon worthy results…….

I am really sorry for the horrendous photo! I got a free sample from a lady called Lisa and it lasted forever, in fact my nails are bare because it outlasted 3 lots of nail varnish ! This is my favourite product of the lot, they are £15 for a full set. Pop over to

So, what’s my conclusion? These are actually very good products with some stand out stars, so don’t scroll past, have a look at what’s on offer, you may be pleasantly surprised!

See you next week for a what’s on the desk post!



Scrub, Polish And Sparkle!

IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! and with it the need to look a little glamerer (its a word) than normal. There’s parties and gatherings and family meals, and its nice to look and feel a bit special when everything else is so sparkly.

So I have three products to help you sparkle and shine through the festivities. First up, a new brand to the UK Frank Body, I bought their nearly miraculous scrub…….

Made with Repix (

It ‘aint pretty, its major ingredient is coffee grounds, and it makes the bathroom look and smell like a messy branch of Costa, it also ‘aint cheap at £12.95 a pack but oh my days its good! it firms, softens and tones, and blurs the appearance of stretch marks! they also have a complete range of skincare which I will definitely be investigating. Pop over to

Next, our polish is provided by a powered facial brush, mine is a Magnitone, but there are millions on the market, Now, I have come late to this new invention and am probably preaching to the converted but the difference this gadget makes to your skin is amazing! my very dry, very sensitive skin has been transformed and I need about half the moisturiser I normally use. My brush came for the luxury discount site

Made with Repix (

Finally, the sparkle is provided by this amazing collaberation between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani……

Made with Repix (

This actually belongs to my daughter but she has kindly lent it and swatched it for you……..

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

These shadows are the softest, most pigmented, most bendable shadows I have come across. Not cheap at £40 but how about a late addition to the Christmas list? Just a word on the swatches, daughter has vampire like- I mean very pale skin so bear that in mind when deciding if its for you. Have you decided that you can’t live with out it? its out of stock at a lot of retailers, but at time of going to press it was available at and

The next time we see each other it will be Boxing Day! don’t expect much sense from me as I will be heading off to the family homestead for a pot luck feast with the reli’s, so let me wish you the most peaceful, joy filled Christmas possible, now go out and shine like the little stars you are!!

Kisses Under The Mistletoe

Karen xxxxxx

PS and a Christmas lick from our CEO and VP, Darcey and Milo



I’m In The Nude!

Don’t panic dear reader I’m fully clothed! I’m talking about the current Trent for nude makeup and nails! If you are as old as me you will remember the nude makeup of the 90s, the endless taupes and beiges, modelled here by the gorgeous Drew Barrymore….


but this time around it’s different, textures are lighter and there’s the occasional bit of grown up shimmer, so let’s dive in and have a look at my favourites.

First up, Loreal Colour Riche La Pallette Nude in Rose ( good job it’s easier to use than say!)…


lovely soft beiges, with a pink undertone and a butter soft texture, you can conjure up all sorts of looks.

Next to lips, the pick of the bunch for me is this Kate Moss for Rimmel, this is a capsule collection of nudes for lips and nails, tailored to your skin tone, this is my shade 43…


And here is my nail polish that comes form the same collection…..


I love this nude look but do find the need for more colour every few days! So how does this look grab you? Is it chic and effortless or plain and boring?



One Wedding And A Cardie!

So there it is, the invite is on the doormat and the joyful occasion of your friends nuptials is on its way. Inevitably that means the purchase of a new outfit, at this point it is worth mentioning I am generously proportioned so the danger of a dress making me look like a sofa are dangerously high! Here is how my wedding outfit came together

i tend to do most of my shopping on the net as most of the curvy retailers are to be found here. I usually shop the Curve range at or at On this occasion I couldn’t find anything there so I headed to a relatively new player:- Violetta at Mango, and turned up this little beauty…..


It was super flattering and perfect for the forecast 22 degrees…more of that later! Now I had to source some accessories, my gut instinct with these is to go very coordinated but I am trying to be a bit more adventurous, I found this gorgeous bag in the Next sale…..


The pale pink and gold really seemed to work, so now I needed similar shoes. These are a problem for me because of my arthritis, I normally live in trainers or FitFlops but that just wasn’t going to do! This is when Clarks came to the rescue! They have lots of cushion soled shoes and sandals and these fit the bill and will do me for the rest of the summer….


Then we move to accessories, I needed some simple gold pieces and found a necklace from Accessorize and a ring that I had that was on offer from…….


That just leaves the face, I wanted a soft pink, kind of vintage feel and Bourjois came up trumps with this palette, called Rose Vintage! I stuck with them for lips and this Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, which is actually quite pink! I used my usual foundation – Bare Minerals Bare Skin and waterproof mascara (obvs!) again from Bourjois……..


As for scent, I didn’t bother! Has she finally lost it? I hear you cry, no, I was wearing some perfumed body butter from Perfectly Handmade another brilliant business run on Facebook by the lovely Amanda. The Cinq products she makes smell very much like another perfume with 5 in the name! Check her out at

Finally the weather it turns out that it was approximately 13 degrees on the day and my neighbour had to rescue me with a lovely pale gold cardie! It was a lovely day despite the weather and lovely to see an old friend so happy.

Have you got any weddings this year? I would love to see your outfits if you do!


Karen xx

10 Things I Can’t Live Without!

Sometimes products or objects come into your life and you really struggle to imagine what life was like before them! Here are my 10 must haves at the moment, this list is ever changing as new products come out, but these are really special. So in no particular order:

1. Pilot frixxion pens…


These clever little pens write like normal ball pens but you can rub them out with their built in eraser- so far so normal but if you ever work with pattern pieces that need drawing onto fabric, this is where the imagic happens! Gently heat with a hairdryer and all pen marks disappear!! I found mine in WHSmith.Thanks to the super talented Sew Sweet for the tip and now this life changing info is yours!

2. Micellar water..


It has taken me until 50 to realise that cleanser does not necessarily mean make up remover! This fabulous water by Garnier  does the lot and soothes at the same time, absolute must have, available at Boots approx,4.99.

3. Repix photo editing app…..


This is photo editing for dummies I.e me! the ability to adjust all the properties of a photo with a slider is genius and produces great results. Available in the Apple app store.

4. Make Up


i need great quality make up as my skin and eyes are so sensitive, I only use Charlotte Tilbury and this great palette by Toofaced recommended to me by Itsmisstazmin.   These are all great products which need little skill or time to apply, perfect! Charlotte Tilbury from £19 and Toofaced palette approx £40 from various retailers.

5. Derwent Inktense pencils…


These are water soluble but are beautifully vivid whether they have been diluted or not. approx £40 from large art stores.

6. Lush Kerbside Violet perfume


This is a new one for me and it is gorgeous, exactly as it says it is a sweet Violet perfume but with a faint hint of city smoke. £9 from Lush stores and online.

7. Australian bush Flower essences..


These amazing sprays smell delicious but also provide instant calming relief. Approx £14 from health food shops and Amazon

8. My iPad! ( there are other tablets available)


My entire life is run from here! It’s a mini iPad so it is light and the touch

screen is great for my painful joints, the camera is phenomenal and I write and edit my blog almost entirely from here. Approx £300 from various retailers.

9, Buddhify app.


This is is also a new one for me, but it is great! There are meditations for every situation and they are very affirming, the stress one ends with the voice over telling you ” you are more brilliant than you think” who doesn’t need that every now and again! From the app store.

10. My ice cream bracelet


This amazing little charm was bought for me by my husband and I think it’s perfect, I wear it when I have to do something difficult as it reminds me, quite literally that life is sweet! charm £50 form Swarovski

Do do you have any special things that you can’t live without? Let me know- I might need it!