Faux fur, Faux leather And A Genuine Hot Dog

Hello loves! well, the darling husband has a birthday this weekend so we took ourselves off to London so that he could visit his favourite comic shop which is handily in Berwick street, home to all the best fabric shops!it was a perfect opportunity to buy some fabric for a Mollie Makes project (more later).

As we were strolling down I spyed this……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Yes a wildly gyrating Queenie, i’d love to know what she thought!

Into the fantastic Berwick Street cloth shop, I think the windows give you an idea of what is to be found in this stuffed to the brim gem of a shop……

I found these two to make this project……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

The good news is I have enough fabric to make a couple, so they will eventually be in the Etsy shop and the icing on the cake was meeting a lovely man called Vasilis who teaches at the London College of Art! He showed me some gorgeous gowns his students had made, he will be emailing these too me but is leaving soon for India- when I have them I will give you a bonus post!

A quick pop in the art shop and then to Gosh comics for the birthday boy, something awful happened inside dear reader, I bought stuff!…………


I am obsessed with Harley Quin and the Suicide Squad characters and will be pimping my car out in her colours. I have no reasonable explanation for the manga book..

By this time we were famished and as my husband and by default daughter are partially german we went to Herman Ze German, that is not an awful stereotypical faux pas on my part, its called that! these hot dogs are the real Mccoy imported from the black forest. I have no idea why, but I took no photos of the food, instead here’s the lovely interior…

I had a veggie wurst and sauerkraut which is a superfood according to the Hemsley sisters, not sure how they would feel about the cheesy chips..

Finally, a tired walk down to chinatown, we popped into M and M world but I can’t show you what I bought as its a birthday present for my little bro’.

we popped to our favourite supermarket, for the essentials……………

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

And a peek at the brand new gate, how gorgeous is this……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

If you fancy any of these delights heres your links:





Have a lovely week.





Friends With Fringe Benefits!

We’re you a child in the Seventies? If you were you will remember fringing and tassels, and maybe not fondly! Fringing was on everything, I had a rather stupendous faux suede fringed bikini! If you are  good I’ll dig out the picture.

Well the good/ bad news is fringing is back BIG TIME…….


And a rummage through the handbag wardrobe revealed this….


Pretty much bang on trend, this little beauty will do me for this trend, but what if you are fringe less but don’t fancy the £500+ price tag for this Yves St Laurent fringe fest….


So my lovelies grab your supplies:

A plain object you want to be fringetastic, bags are a no brainer but what about a pair of shoes with an ankle strap like the pink shoes in the first image.

Fringe! Mine came from New Trimmings.co.uk  and I bought a metre – I should have bought two and then I could have fringed both sides!

A glue that bonds all materials, there are loads available check out your local hardware or craft shop.


Here are my supplies….


Then start measuring lengths of fringe and work your way up from the bottom if your doing multiple layers…


Keep going….


Et voila! One little fringed clutch for approximately a tenner…



Let me know if there are any other trends you would like to try, there are some great floral painted bags around I might give that a try!



Karen xxx

Get Your Rocks On!!

Bling and embellishment are everywhere this time of year, have a peek at my moodboard!


The jewelled clutch is a season staple. However, they can be expensive, (check out the blue D and G one above, just a mere 5000 pounds) , they might not have the right colour embellishment for the look you want to rock on New Years eve and if your me there is never enough sparkle! I had to have an MRI of my head a while ago and my friend Nikki said she didn’t know why they were bothering as all they would find is glitter and handbags!

So here is a so simple it hurts tutorial, just one word of warning make sure you buy flat bottomed gems and not chatons which are faceted, guess which ones I bought? Doh!

First gather your supplies, a plain clutch mine is from http://www.beyondretro.com, your flatback jewels and strong glue that bonds all materials, mine is Glu and Fix all purpose, Evostick make a good one too.


Plan out your design, before you start sticking!


And then when you are sure, start sticking your rocks on baby!


Allow your project to dry for the recommended time (patience) , and then enjoy! For me a sparkly bag calls for a sparkly mani, the colours here are Chanels rouge noir and Ciate Gingerbread


Share your bejewelled beauties with me on Instagram using the hashtag #rockson.

And check back with me on Monday for a peek into the festive decorations at While Darcey Sleeps HQ! and maybe a visit from Darcey herself!