If You Can Dream It Blah, Blah, Blah

Good Morning kitty cats! I’m sure if you have ever been on any social media, you will have seen many inspirational quotes about making your dreams a reality. You know the sort of stuff “dream it, do it” “dream big” etc, etc. But how to turn those wishes in reality? The book “The Secret” was a big proponent of putting out positive thoughts to the universe and then the universe would send it back to you, hmmm, I’m not entirely sure. 

I am persuaded by the concept of the wish board, where you pin pictures, quotes or anything that relates to your wishes, I think by doing so you make those wishes more real and then you inevitably take steps to achieve them ( no magic required). Here’s mine…….

So let’s start at the bottom with the rainbow semi circle and go roughly anti clockwise! ….

Wish 1: meditate more, this is a screen shot from the Buddhify app and I need to get back in the habit! It helps me focus and therefore achieve more.

Wish 2: Marks and Spencer’s Hollywood Deco china, just because! It’s the colour of a Laduree shop and therefore belongs in my macaron themed kitchen!

Wish 3: jazzy ankle boots! Now this wish means I will have to lose weight and get on medication that works for my arthritis, so it’s really 3 wishes in one!

Wish 4: Barre fit class, I’m desperate to do one, and again meds will have to change, but who knows if they work I will be buying that tutu.

Wish 5: Gemporia’s bridge rings ( tiny picture) they are a bargain and I would like lots!

Wish 6: Mollie Makes but specifically the cover kit, it is my dream to be the designer of one of those and as soon as I have a suitable design I will be submitting it.

Wish 7: multiple piercing, I want a pretty, teeny extra piercing in my ear.

Wish 8: an old fashioned, velvet button back sofa, this one is from good old Marks and Sparks!

Wish 9: “Meet Etsys Brightest Stars” self explanatory really, I want to be one!

Wish 10: Helen Mirren! No I don’t want to be her, but I would like to grow old in a glamorous way, however more importantly I want to grow old, if you have had cancer you lose your faith in immortality, so I need to get that faith back by taking the very best care of myself.

Writing this post has really focuses my mind and made me realise how much of what I want hinges on me taking care of myself! To that end I undertake to check in on this boards progress in the blog post on 31.12 who knows how far I will get?

Have you got a wish list? I’d love to hear it!




Never Mind The Election, Girls are still running the world!l

After all that we didn’t get a hung parliament or another coalition, I love politics but I have had enough for the moment and feel the need to get back to talking about what we all love – pretty stuff! As promised this week we are featuring Samantha Goddard and her journey from a Facebook business to the high street.

Sam started out by setting up a business called the Tea Party Company that specialises in the hire of vintage china for everything from small parties to weddings, check out these beauties…


Sam then ventured into a shared space selling vintage china and other goods, it was at this time that she got interested in up cycling furniture so she decided to leave that space and concentrate on this and the Tea Party Company.

Fate stepped in at this point and the beautiful indoor market Martha and Daisy’s opened locally…


this set Sam on to a new business idea and Rose and Bea was born. she is now selling new goods and her beautiful up cycled pieces, feast your eyes…


I would have liked enough room for the blue dresser but had to settle for the lovely Katie and Alice mug. So, that is how Sam achieves the elusive work/life balance and is able to do what she loves as well as raise her family.

Whilst I was at Martha and Daisy’s I had to have a snoop around and it is fantastic! there are all sorts of stalls, selling everything you can imagine all with a vintage/handmade feel, here are some of my favourites…..


There was also the gloriously bonkers Ice Cream Bike, selling ice cream as it should be, made with cream and milk…


So if you live anywhere near to Burgess Hill in West Sussex, you need to take a peek.

Following the little technical disaster I had with the blog on Sunday (well done MrsP for spotting it, I owe you one), I have decided to move publication day to Saturday, it seems my Facebook reach and visibility are much better at the weekend. So this Saturday will be the last of my reviews of Facebook businesses, it will feature the super talented Emma from Sew Sweet.

The following Saturday will be a tutorial for a shabby chic curtain, start gathering hankies everyone!


Karen xx