Happy New year!!

Good morning! I thought I would pop in and wish you Happy New year! has 2017 been a happy year for you? the truth is that years contain everything, the highs and the lows, the ecstatic moments and the absolutely awful ones.

My year has been pretty much brilliant, my little business has gone from strength to strength. I have made friends and gathered more customers and we have had a blast.

I am sure you know that I am a huge fan of the mother of all drag artists RuPaul not only for his artistry but for his common sense advice – my favourite of which is that we should all find our tribe- the people with which we share values and goals and opinions. I am so lucky as I have most definitely found mine and they rock!!

It has not been a year without sadness, family members still facing health problems and my own health being a challenge have presented their all too familiar problems.

The loss of a little boy in our community and the continuing illness of a friends child make me angry and frustrated at the wickedness that is cancer.

I have just filed my tax return and I have increased my turnover by 56%. I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for the support you all give me. I have huge plans for next year and hope that I can get out to fairs more often to see more of you in person.

This coming year will be a challenge for the Uk as a whole, I don’t think Brexit has worked out whichever way you voted. That is going to present its own set of a problems and it is in this atmosphere that we see the rise of extremism of every shape and colour. I hope that we can respect each other and resist the more hateful ideologies that are springing up.

So, in closing, my wish for us all is this – I think its a Buddhist prayer and I apologise if I have it wrong-

May you be safe

May you be happy

May you be free from harm

oh and may you find your tribe and love them as much as I love mine.



and a big lick from these nutters xxx


Under Construction!

Boo! I’m baaacckkkk! that break didn’t last long did it?  because I am fundamentally a technological Twit I am going to turn this blog into my website, so this page will just have some details about me and what I do and I’ll be adding a page called Whats Going On! and that will have updates about what I’m working on, things that have caught my attention, things that I can’t live without, you know the drill. This page will be updated as and when, no fixed schedule so pop back often!

So, let me pop off and get busy and I’ll see you soon!

Big kisses

Karen xx


I’m Excited!!

Happy New Year, Bonne Annee, Buon Ano Nuevo, Frohes Neues Jahr, and last but not least Anni Beatum! can you tell which way I voted in June? anyway I’m a bit early, the New Year will start tomorrow and this girl is excited.

Why? because 2016 was kind of pants for the most part, various family members have been ill as I have I,  more times than I care to mention! Also for me personally the big decisions that were made went the wrong way, what had seemed inconcievable – a UK no longer in Europe and that man as President became a reality, lets hope that the people at the sharp end can make all that work. Lets not even list the massively talented, clever and influential people that passed this year…

In the midst of all this craziness, good things happened, all the family members are better or well on their way and lots of good things happened to While Darcey Sleeps, and I made some changes……….


I got my piercing!!!

I have also taken time out over the holidays to do some personal projects, for the first time   I have successfully knitted some lace…….

And a very easy hat…….

And now I’m knitting a flamingo…….

Professionally there will be some changes in the New Year, I will still be making cute but in an effort to differentiate from all the other talented people there will be more of a luxe edge, more sparkle, more glitter and maybe less traditional subject matter!

There will be lots of painting, and lots of practicing, my business took off very quickly and didn’t leave a lot of time to try new things, so that will be a priority.

There will be a few more giveaways so keep your eyes peeled, the first one is SOON!!

All that is left is to wish you the very happiest of New years and thanks for being a visitor to While Darcey Sleeps!

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Our CEO Darcey and Head Of Public Relations Milo 


Karen xxx

Stop Mucking About!!!!

Hello loves, did you know that I used to be a civil servant? Not only that I was pretty good project manager, I had lists flow charts, Filofaxes, spread sheets and project timelines. That’s nice I hear you say, but why are we talking about this? I’m talking about it because I have become so disorganised!!! Pain, medication and the mental effects of fibromyalgia have robbed me of all my skills.  Couple that with an imagination that races around at a 100mph, and this is what you get……


So what is the solution? Before is started this blog I took a blog writing course at Www.creativelive.com, it was taught by a fantastic woman called April Bowles Olin, well April writes a fantastic blog as does her best friend Mayi Carles, and Mayi is the queen of organisation! she is running a project called Life is Messy to support this she has a wonderful package of downloads, that organise every aspect of your working and personal life, I have just downloaded it, are you ready for a sneeky peek?….


Throughout the package there are Mayis illustrations.

There are planners for the year, month and daily…. .


There re are ways to establish your unique talents…..


There are also planners for your personal life, like meal planners and emergency contact lists…..


There so many pages, I haven’t posted them all as this post would be a mile long!

This planner will now enable me to have a weekly planning session, and gives me somewhere to right down all my ideas.

I will also be heading over to April’s blog – http://www.blacksburgbelle.com, and reading through her guidelines for new creative businesses ( find it on the site in the New? Start here section) , here’s the articles that are jumping out to me……..

The top 25 + tools to run your business

Landing pages, what they are And why you should use them

Your get healthy reading list.

So it’s time for me to get organised and also to start being professional, because what started as a distraction has actually turned into a proper business!

Please share any organising or business tips,  I’m always grateful for any suggestions!