I’m Excited!!

Happy New Year, Bonne Annee, Buon Ano Nuevo, Frohes Neues Jahr, and last but not least Anni Beatum! can you tell which way I voted in June? anyway I’m a bit early, the New Year will start tomorrow and this girl is excited.

Why? because 2016 was kind of pants for the most part, various family members have been ill as I have I,  more times than I care to mention! Also for me personally the big decisions that were made went the wrong way, what had seemed inconcievable – a UK no longer in Europe and that man as President became a reality, lets hope that the people at the sharp end can make all that work. Lets not even list the massively talented, clever and influential people that passed this year…

In the midst of all this craziness, good things happened, all the family members are better or well on their way and lots of good things happened to While Darcey Sleeps, and I made some changes……….


I got my piercing!!!

I have also taken time out over the holidays to do some personal projects, for the first time   I have successfully knitted some lace…….

And a very easy hat…….

And now I’m knitting a flamingo…….

Professionally there will be some changes in the New Year, I will still be making cute but in an effort to differentiate from all the other talented people there will be more of a luxe edge, more sparkle, more glitter and maybe less traditional subject matter!

There will be lots of painting, and lots of practicing, my business took off very quickly and didn’t leave a lot of time to try new things, so that will be a priority.

There will be a few more giveaways so keep your eyes peeled, the first one is SOON!!

All that is left is to wish you the very happiest of New years and thanks for being a visitor to While Darcey Sleeps!

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Our CEO Darcey and Head Of Public Relations Milo 


Karen xxx

I Get Pierced And The President Turns Orange!

Hello my little mince pies! This has been a bit of a week! First I got my ear pierced! Read on for the details, then my consultant has changed my diagnosis again, so I won’t be getting the treatment I thought, just medication for symptoms, and then what had started as a joke became a reality…President elect Donald Trump! This will be an interesting 4 years!

So what do we need in a time of uncertainty? People we can rely on! Here are some companies that are just great at giving you exactly what you need. Sorry for the stock photos, it’s all arthritis fault, keep reading and you will be rewarded ;).

First that piercing…..


This was done for me at ……….

Swift, reasonably priced and completely professional I will be going back!

Just down the road is this………

This is Cass Art, simply the best art supplies shop there is, regular promotions make them budget friendly and the range of materials run from half term supplies to the high grade professional.

Now to my online go getters ……….

This German retailer blows all its competitors out of the water! I’ve just bought Dr Hauschka moisturiser ( which retails for £29.50)and a relaxing bath set (£17) for £32 including delivery! And don’t worry if your German isn’t great just hit the Uk flag and the page will translate and display the prices in sterling.

At this time of year I get through a lot of felt, my go to for super quality felt and embellishments is…..

Swift delivery, beautiful felt and a sweetie in every pack makes this company a winner.

Finally, one of the many yarn suppliers I use……

Apart from their so cute logo, this company is so competitive on price and has a lot of hard to find yarns.

And here is your gift for putting up with the stock photos, my ‘poo crew hitting the skate park hard!


How sweet are they? Now I’ve finally loaded video successfully I will be doing some watch me work videos and some DIYS in the New Year.

Here’s to a peaceful week



Shiney, Happy Photos!

Uggghhh! No sooner had flow arrived..it went! Shoulder arthritis, multiple sprains and a migraine packed it’s bags for it. I have managed to draw out a new type of portrait…….

Eventually it will be Darcey with a floral crown, I also have fairy puppies floating round my head. However one pencil drawing does not a blog post make, so I was thinking about all the pictures I take and delete, and what makes me keep some of them for so long, here is my top 10 that didn’t get deleted.

Number 1…..

The combined loveliness of my Darcey and my husband Neil.

Number 2……

Me at the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Victoria and Albert museum, so good I saw it twice and cried twice at the loss of a genius.

Number 3…. 

The picture that made me buy a hysterical, self opinionated and completely precious toy poodle called Milo.

Number 4…

My first piece of business post, I was disproportionately excited.

Number 5…..

Your colours for AW 2016, for those old enough to remember do they remind you of the seventies?

Number 6…..

Because however hard I try, I just can’t seem to grow up!

Number 7…….

I took this picture to illustrate this years colour of the year but I’ve kept it because it is the most perfect colour.

Number 8…..

To me these are actual Angels, these are people that with the help of a local theatre group screened the families of the victims of the Orlando shooting from the evil that is the Westboro baptist church, who picket the funerals of LGBT people ( amongst others) this is humanity at it absolute best.

Number 9……..

Bluebell s- I admit I am obsessed but they sum up British woodland in a picture.

Number 10……

I usually ignore the endless motivational memes that pop up on Facebook but I love this one and I try to be supernova like as often as possible.

So have you got a photo on your phone or tablet that you will never delete? I’d love to see it!



Project Calm Photo Walk

Hello you gorgeous people! I have a visual treat for you today, last week I took delivery of this lovely book-a-zine……….image

It is chock full of things to do that help you relax-not yoga and meditation so much (although they are in there) more about different creative things you can do.

The idea that really resonated with me was a photo walk, documenting a walk that you do everyday or one that is a complete one-off. As I’m still not a 100% I went with my usual dog walk. So, first I gathered my team……..

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Cute! and off we went, I haven’t documented the few meters it takes me to get to the woods, but here is its rather grand gateway………
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This is an ancient woodland dating back many hundreds of years, although its being nibbled away by recent building developments I still feel very privileged to have it on my doorstep, so off we go!

First, along the path that runs parallel to the railway….

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At the end of this path is a huge mound that the dogs love to run up and down to give me heart failure……..

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Once my nerves are settled its off across the fields………..

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

At the end of this field is a huge oak tree that must be at least 100 years old (can you see the houses just behind)……..

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Off up the hill to what I thought was a bomb crater but I am reliably informed its earthworks from the 40’s when my house was built, either way it is magical looking as the water is always black looking………

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Needless to say I don’t feel the need to follow the dogs down that hill!

After a few twists and turns we end up here, crossing one of the two main streams……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Then the path takes us pass the local school…….

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

This primary school really makes the most of their situation and the children attend forest school, have treasure hunts and reading sessions all in the wood.

The dogs make the most of the surroundings and climb the occasional tree……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

I know I always bug you with the first bluebell sighting, but this path uncovered this beauty……

When all the others are out it scents this part of our walk beautifully.

This next path has my favourite view in any kind of weather…….

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I’m not a church going girl but it always reminds me of walking into a church, something about the light filtering through the trees looks like stained glass to me.

I’m not sure who built this little meeting place but the dogs love it…….

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

And then its time to head for home, over the second river and up the hill….

I think the picture walk was a great exercise, it helped me focus and decide which things might interest you and in doing so I kind of saw the woods with fresh eyes. I will definitely do another one, maybe in a couple of weeks when I am going to the V and A museum for a sketching class!

Have a fabby week






Etsy? You Betsy!!

So, after I quit the kvetching last week, I had a good hard think about what I could do to keep my business going while my arthritis is so bad….Drumroll please…..I’ve opened an Etsy Shop!!!

I will be stocking it as and when I have stuff, in the future that will include art works and cards with print of my art on them. In the mean time I have some pieces that were destined for craft fairs. Here’s a sample….

Ive got some Spring/ Easter things……..

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I’ve got these bathing beauties and their beach hut, perfect for setting a beach theme ……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

There are some shabby chic hearts ,some Liberty corsage brooches and a tattoo inspired keyring……..

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

How about these teddies and their bunny friend, fully jointed with glass eyes, they are not intended as toys but make a lovely decor piece for a childs room.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Last but not least, some Christmas items which will obviously be reduced……

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

I will be adding the Etsy button on here as soon as we are fully stocked, hopefully by Monday 21st March, in the meantime heres the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhileDarceySleeps

Finally, just for fun here’s one of the pictures of my dogs from their recent photo shoot…..


Whoever sends in the funniest comment for the photo will win a surprise from the shop, closing date is 31.3.16 so get typing!

Have a cracking week





It’s A ‘Poo Takeover

Morning human peeps! our mummy isn’t feeling so great so she has said that we can have her blog today!! Im sure that you know me, I’m Darcey, thats right the famous Darcey that the blog is named after but you might not know this scooby dufus…….


This is Milo my brother from another mother, he’s a toy poodle which is a good name for him as he like a toy!!

Anyway we thought we would give you a quick insight into what we get up to during the day………


We love walks!! can you see me licking my face? its ‘cos daddy had to take this photo and he had to bribe me!! And Milo is doing what he does a lot of, staring into rivers, puddles and mirrors and looking at the poodles that live there! I told you he is a moron!

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

You can’t tell but in this picture but we are waiting for our friends Kira and Talulah to arrive, we love meeting up with our mates!

I promised mummy that I would show you what she’s doing when she’s not moaning about her arfuritis, so here is what she’s doing……

The baby socks are for two new babies, mummy says she needs to get cracking, I’m not sure you want socks that crack!

The two little pictures are of Mollie Makes, the free gift and the bunny bunting that mummy says she might put in the Etsy shop, i don’t know who Mollie she does way more craft than mummy!

The big picture is a real funny one! mummy ordered a kit from Germany to make that stripes hat, she says that her German isn’t quite as good as she thinks, I’m not sure what a German is but it sound like she really needs one!

She also says that she is making slow progress on this picture…..

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Its my cat sister Millie, I’m afraid that she has gone to heaven so it will be nice to have this on the wall so I can explain cats to Milo.

Oh well i’d better go, the stupid puppy has gone to sleep! look at him the big softie, mummy says that I am tomboy and Milo is a big girl, but I have checked and he is definitely a boy!


Have a lovely week peeps, mummy will be back next week (if we let her!)

Hugs and licks

Darcey and Milo

..And They Call It Puppy Love!

I am sure you know that the managing director of my company is this little diva….


Darcey! We have nearly had her two years and we are just starting the process of getting her a little puppy friend! On our walk yesterday, like most days I had lots of people comment on how sociable she is, how pretty etc, etc… I thought it might be useful to share how we decided on her and most importantly her breeder.

Lets get one thing clear from the start puppies are cute…….


But you mustn’t let this cloud your judgement! You first need to make a decision on breed, and how that breed will fit into your life:-

What are its exercise requirements?

Does it need clipping?

Do you need a dog that doesn’t shed very much?

Do you have children?

Most importantly, what health problems affect that breed?

In our case we needed a minimal shedder, so that directed us to look at poodle crosses, (don’t make the mistake of thinking they are hypoallergenic as crosses can come out more silky than curly and drop more hair) we wanted a small dog, with moderate exercise requirements and had to be good with children so we decided on a Cavapoo..


This is a good time to mention health issues, Cavaliers suffer with some serious health conditions that have largely been brought about by breeding to a standard that looks very unlike the original Cavaliers. We did our research and found the most amazing breeder, Jane from Poundlane Puppies…..


This this is her with L-R Darceys dad, mum and sister, Jane is on a quest to restore Cavaliers to how they used to look and to lessen the impact of the congenital defects they are prone to. So inform yourself of the potential health problems your chosen breed may have and make sure your breeder tests for them.

So you have done your research have picked the perfect breed, what’s next? Wait! It is likely that you will have to join a list to get your perfect puppy, we waited nearly a year for this…..


Finally, buy a copy of this……….


I cannot recommend this book enough, it has a toilet training schedule, games to play, training command and a socialisation plan.

I hope this has been useful, I would love to hear about your dogs or any other pets!