About me

Hi and thanks for visiting!

I am Karen and I live in Sussex with my family and the CEO of our company Darcey…….


I also have a toy poodle called Milo, he’s a bit strange……..


Heres what we do: we make crochet creatures, A LOT of unicorns including scented ones! Prices vary but are usually £10 – 15.

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You can also ask me to  paint your pets portrait ( and other things- I’ve done blue flamingos!) Prices start at £45 and I just require a nice clear photo – unless it blue flamingos!

and every now and again I make pretty bows, hairbands and keyrings!

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So what do you need to know about me? Here are 8 fun facts:

  1. I am 53 on the outside, about 8 on the inside.
  2. I used to work for the government – but not this one so you can’t blame me.
  3. I am self taught at most of what I do (my mum helped a lot with crochet)
  4. I started the business as I needed to occupy myself after being retired by the Civil Service and having what I think we used to call a nervous breakdown.
  5. I live in a lovely part of West Sussex but I am a Londoner at heart.
  6. Most of my inspiration comes when i’m walking the mutts, so if you live local and see me muttering, you know whats happening!
  7. I believe in Santa and fairies and I will have to fight you if you tell me otherwise.
  8. I will have a go at making/painting anything that you need- so lets go!

There is always something good happening on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/whiledarceysleeps

You can also order things through http://www.gbhandmadeemporium.com – look for me in the children’s and collectables sections.

You can contact me on karen.lorenz@btinternet.com


Karen, Darcey and Milo

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