Je Suis European

First let me warn you that this weeks post is unashamedly serious, political and features no pretty photos and an occasional swear word, I just couldn’t bring myself to write my normal post so if that’s not for you there’s no hard feelings, I’ll see you next week x

I have cried twice this week, first last Saturday when I watched the news and they told us that Sport Relief had raised in excess of £55 million, cash strapped Britain had reached into its pockets and supported schemes here and world wide, donations were made by every religion and will be given to every religion.Then, on Tuesday I cried again, Brussels was attacked twice during rush hour and yet again innocent people were killed and injured in the name of a warped vision of religion.

Once again everyone was changing their profile picture to include the Belgian flag, artists more talented than me have done beautiful artwork depicting crying flags and even TinTin wept…… But the image that made the biggest impact on me and felt the most “right” was posted by a friend it read ” Je Suis Sick Of This Shit”, I’m sure that is the feeling of a lot of us, we are tired, scared and angry at the sickening regularity of these events.

So, what are we to do? As I write this the BBC are showing a group of Belgians holding hands, all ethnicities and presumably a fair few religions all standing in solidarity……..which is great and I would be there myself, but what happens next week, next month, next year? Could we all try and show that solidarity every day? Smile at everyone, even if the person is a different colour or wearing a veil? Could we look more tolerantly at the refugees that are coming to Europe, make them feel like this is their home? Can we find a way to make all young people feel like they can succeed in our society and resist radicalisation?

I know where I could have started, on Sunday I was driving to my mum and dads, and outside a shop there was a group of middle aged Asian men staffing a stall that said this ” Love for all, hate for none” they had leaflets and I guess they were showing the loving side of Islam, I now wished I had stopped and engaged them in conversation and thanked them for their efforts.

My fear now is that people will vote out of the European Union because of this kind of act, the sad fact is it won’t help, these kind of attacks are almost inevitable and are part of our lives for the time being. It’s not for me to tell you how to vote in the referendum but please don’t let this cloud your judgement.

I am not a religious person but I have an undying faith in the power of humans. A few days ago I heard a great explanation of my kind of faith, ” I believe there is a tiny bit of God or whatever you want to call them in all the good people and that this is how goodness exists”.

So let’s show solidarity and carry that little piece of goodness into a new week, and to everyone touched by the events in Belgium, I send you my love.







Etsy? You Betsy!!

So, after I quit the kvetching last week, I had a good hard think about what I could do to keep my business going while my arthritis is so bad….Drumroll please…..I’ve opened an Etsy Shop!!!

I will be stocking it as and when I have stuff, in the future that will include art works and cards with print of my art on them. In the mean time I have some pieces that were destined for craft fairs. Here’s a sample….

Ive got some Spring/ Easter things……..

Made with Repix (

I’ve got these bathing beauties and their beach hut, perfect for setting a beach theme ……

Made with Repix (

There are some shabby chic hearts ,some Liberty corsage brooches and a tattoo inspired keyring……..

Made with Repix (

How about these teddies and their bunny friend, fully jointed with glass eyes, they are not intended as toys but make a lovely decor piece for a childs room.

Made with Repix (

Last but not least, some Christmas items which will obviously be reduced……

Made with Repix (

I will be adding the Etsy button on here as soon as we are fully stocked, hopefully by Monday 21st March, in the meantime heres the link:

Finally, just for fun here’s one of the pictures of my dogs from their recent photo shoot…..


Whoever sends in the funniest comment for the photo will win a surprise from the shop, closing date is 31.3.16 so get typing!

Have a cracking week





Quit The Kvetching!

Its a fact that some languages convey a meaning better than english, one of my favourites is kvetch, it a yiddish word meaning to complain persistently. The last year has proved a tricky one with my various illnesses taking a definite turn for the worse.

So why not have a good kvetch! well, its great for a little while but then I needed to move on and find ways round my increasing disability. This meant practical solutions not just my usual meditate and eat more avocado approach.

First up……….

Made with Repix (

I’ve chopped my hair off! my shoulder arthritis means that lengthy blow dries are not possible. Thanks to the super talented Sammy Thomas for this easy to do..’do.

Next, trainers as “normal shoes” just don’t cut it….

Made with Repix (

These were a proper bargain, Stella Sport for £39.99 from the Next sale. Their high tops stabilise my hyper mobile, arthritic ankles and they make me feel sassy!

My beloved car has the single most important change I made way back when I was first diagnosed….

Made with Repix (

An automatic gear box, I just change gear to drive and I’m done until we stop, very good for the aforementioned shoulders. The other thing it has is a very small turning circle, this information is available online for all cars and really does make a difference for parking etc.

Handbags are a passion for me, here is one of my faves…..

Made with Repix (

The Modalu Pippa, named after Pippa Middleton it is beautifully made and quality touches everywhere…..but man alive its heavy, so I am currently on the lookout for something lighter, I think this might be it….

Made with Repix (

Currently 30% off in the Radley sale, and in one of the key colours of the season, Coral.

The most difficult adjustment has been my decreased ability to work, this painting has taken forever and is still not done……..

Made with Repix (

But the fact is I am still painting and I will be sewing in the coming week, so all is not lost! And I’m still writing this blog even if my right index finger is partially dislocated and it has rendered my typing speed to that of a continent drifting, but I will always write this blog I would miss you lot too much to quit!






It’s A ‘Poo Takeover

Morning human peeps! our mummy isn’t feeling so great so she has said that we can have her blog today!! Im sure that you know me, I’m Darcey, thats right the famous Darcey that the blog is named after but you might not know this scooby dufus…….


This is Milo my brother from another mother, he’s a toy poodle which is a good name for him as he like a toy!!

Anyway we thought we would give you a quick insight into what we get up to during the day………


We love walks!! can you see me licking my face? its ‘cos daddy had to take this photo and he had to bribe me!! And Milo is doing what he does a lot of, staring into rivers, puddles and mirrors and looking at the poodles that live there! I told you he is a moron!

Made with Repix (

You can’t tell but in this picture but we are waiting for our friends Kira and Talulah to arrive, we love meeting up with our mates!

I promised mummy that I would show you what she’s doing when she’s not moaning about her arfuritis, so here is what she’s doing……

The baby socks are for two new babies, mummy says she needs to get cracking, I’m not sure you want socks that crack!

The two little pictures are of Mollie Makes, the free gift and the bunny bunting that mummy says she might put in the Etsy shop, i don’t know who Mollie she does way more craft than mummy!

The big picture is a real funny one! mummy ordered a kit from Germany to make that stripes hat, she says that her German isn’t quite as good as she thinks, I’m not sure what a German is but it sound like she really needs one!

She also says that she is making slow progress on this picture…..

Made with Repix (

Its my cat sister Millie, I’m afraid that she has gone to heaven so it will be nice to have this on the wall so I can explain cats to Milo.

Oh well i’d better go, the stupid puppy has gone to sleep! look at him the big softie, mummy says that I am tomboy and Milo is a big girl, but I have checked and he is definitely a boy!


Have a lovely week peeps, mummy will be back next week (if we let her!)

Hugs and licks

Darcey and Milo