Stop Mucking About!!!!

Hello loves, did you know that I used to be a civil servant? Not only that I was pretty good project manager, I had lists flow charts, Filofaxes, spread sheets and project timelines. That’s nice I hear you say, but why are we talking about this? I’m talking about it because I have become so disorganised!!! Pain, medication and the mental effects of fibromyalgia have robbed me of all my skills.  Couple that with an imagination that races around at a 100mph, and this is what you get……


So what is the solution? Before is started this blog I took a blog writing course at, it was taught by a fantastic woman called April Bowles Olin, well April writes a fantastic blog as does her best friend Mayi Carles, and Mayi is the queen of organisation! she is running a project called Life is Messy to support this she has a wonderful package of downloads, that organise every aspect of your working and personal life, I have just downloaded it, are you ready for a sneeky peek?….


Throughout the package there are Mayis illustrations.

There are planners for the year, month and daily…. .


There re are ways to establish your unique talents…..


There are also planners for your personal life, like meal planners and emergency contact lists…..


There so many pages, I haven’t posted them all as this post would be a mile long!

This planner will now enable me to have a weekly planning session, and gives me somewhere to right down all my ideas.

I will also be heading over to April’s blog –, and reading through her guidelines for new creative businesses ( find it on the site in the New? Start here section) , here’s the articles that are jumping out to me……..

The top 25 + tools to run your business

Landing pages, what they are And why you should use them

Your get healthy reading list.

So it’s time for me to get organised and also to start being professional, because what started as a distraction has actually turned into a proper business!

Please share any organising or business tips,  I’m always grateful for any suggestions!



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