I’m In The Nude!

Don’t panic dear reader I’m fully clothed! I’m talking about the current Trent for nude makeup and nails! If you are as old as me you will remember the nude makeup of the 90s, the endless taupes and beiges, modelled here by the gorgeous Drew Barrymore….


but this time around it’s different, textures are lighter and there’s the occasional bit of grown up shimmer, so let’s dive in and have a look at my favourites.

First up, Loreal Colour Riche La Pallette Nude in Rose ( good job it’s easier to use than say!)…


lovely soft beiges, with a pink undertone and a butter soft texture, you can conjure up all sorts of looks.

Next to lips, the pick of the bunch for me is this Kate Moss for Rimmel, this is a capsule collection of nudes for lips and nails, tailored to your skin tone, this is my shade 43…


And here is my nail polish that comes form the same collection…..


I love this nude look but do find the need for more colour every few days! So how does this look grab you? Is it chic and effortless or plain and boring?



10 thoughts on “I’m In The Nude!

  1. Wow this looks like a mix of all 3 naked palettes


    1. It does! And it is way cheaper at £14.99!

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  2. I have the Naked 2 palette (urban decay) at a staggering £30, I then bought the W7 palette (amazon) which is a replica of the Naked one, it’s called Buff and it was…….*drum roll*…… £2.99. Goes on a treat, even a little more pigment than U.B one…..definitely check out the W7 range, absolutely awesome!


    1. I’ve only just realised who you are! That sounds fab, will definitely check it out x


  3. This post Is great, and I love how your blog is set up! I also absolutely love how you take your photos- so professional! Can you check out my blog and follow it if you like it? Thanks, and I look forward to reading your post! https://valsvougexo.wordpress.com/


    1. Thats so sweet! popping over to yours in a minute 🙂

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  4. These look so beautiful! You should do a makeup look with the palette and the lipstick 🙂


    1. will do, just got a new puppy and am looking a bit tired at the moment…..


  5. wow love it, but going for something a little bit brighter after it was said people of my age should tone done there makeup, and keep hair short .Lindsey xx


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