Victoria and Albert 4 Ever

Last week we took ourselves off to Alexander McQueen at the V&A for the second time, don’t worry I’m not about to bore you by waxing lyrical about his genius again, but I feel that we need to discuss how marvellous the Victoria and Albert museum is, and how I’m of the opinion that we need a bit more decoration in our lives!

But first how about this….


There was a little family of ducks living on the shallow pool that provides the centrepiece to the courtyard! A decidedly unhappy member of staff was tasked to ensure their safety, and was doing a brilliant job, I did have video but I can’t get it to load, grrrrr!

First we went to the restaurant and sat in the Gamble room, tiled and with painted ceilings and stained glass it is beyond gorgeous…..


And around its ceiling it has the following inscription “There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink and make his soul enjoy the food of his labour”. Well my soul certainly enjoyed the food.

And so we went on a leisurely stroll through several different rooms, flitting from century to century and between the continents……

imageThis was a chair from a maharaja in India, it is gold-plated and heavily engraved.

We went to a series of rooms featuring items from Britain through the ages, this 16th century glove was breathtakingly detailed….


I was amazed by the detail in this mirror from the 1700 s…….


Onward to my favourite section the fashion room and this Chanel jumpsuit had me contemplating the likely success of a smash and grab…..


It was completely sequined and considering it was made in 1936 looked entirely wearable.

Another classics in this room was this Dior suit……


This was an example of Dior’s new look, a reaction to the austerity of the Second World War it used metres and metres of fabric.

Unfortunately I have lost the details of these shoes but I have to share this photo because they are so marvellously bonkers……


And as time was marching on we finished in the Immediate Collection, the name confused me but it is actually very obvious, these are items that are very modern but are significant enough to be collected, here’s an example:nude shoes…..


And then this Louis Vuitton, ice cream inspired bag……




Finally, the down right sinister ……


A 3D printed gun!

As we walked it really struck me that society has decided that clean lines and lack of any decoration is the way to go, our homes are neutral hued and always decorated with a view to resale. Clothes are short on embroidery or embellishments.

I have decided to rebel, slowly, I have bought some flamingo wall paper for my lounge, baby steps!

What do you think? are you a minimalist or like me yearning to be a maximalist!



2 thoughts on “Victoria and Albert 4 Ever

  1. I know I have followed the neutral trend, I used to have burnt orange and lime greens wall and a purple bedroom. Will try and follow my heart in my home , bring back floras colour and joy in the home. Lindsey.


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