I’m A Bag Lady!

Worry not dear reader, I haven’t fallen on hard times! I am confessing my passion, my addiction to handbags. I have a lot, I mean a proper lot of bags! They have a cupboard and under the bed lurks another lot!

So what is a girl to do if her desire for arm candy is not matched by a healthy bank balance? Try these tips:

Check out second-hand or pre loved sites, these are not high street cheap but offer great reductions on big labels, try http://www.hardlyeverwornit.com or http://www.vestairecollective.com. Also have a look locally, we have edit secondhand which only stocks premium labels, I got this beauty there……


This is a Luella Bartley that looks very much like the bag she designed for Mulberry…..


Mine cost me £60, not cheap but reasonable, have a look at editsecondhand.com.

Then we have the high street “inspired by” I have a thing for these Anya Hindmarch bags…..


But the £900 approx price tag is a little rich for my blood! Imagine the joy of discovering this River Island gem …


Not a copy but with the same quirky details and a snip at £55.

A similar item was this £50 bargain from Camden Market,….


Which is not unlike these from Lulu Guiness…


So if that bag you want is out of your price range try and source it secondhand or look carefully at the features that distinguish it and search the high street, you will find something similar at a fraction of the cost.

Finally can I introduce to you Milo!


This little boy will join us at While Darcey Sleeps HQ in a few weeks, we are so excited!



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