Turn Up, Tune In And Veg Out!

If you have picked up a magazine or newspaper or turned on the telly, you will have seen an increasing amount of cookbooks that steer clear of wheat, dairy and refined sugar. After a visit to the hospital and the impending summer, I decided that I should improve my diet, not calorie count just improve the quality of my food.

I am ashamed to say that all the books I review here are all mine and have been used at best sporadically, that is all about to change, let’s dig in!

First and closest to my heart is Deliciously Ella, written by Ella Woodward…


Ella suffered from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, a horrible debilitating disease and claims that she has cured it by becoming vegan. This book is easy to follow without too much need for a trip to the health food store. My favourites from this book are the breakfast shakes which are really creamy and indulgent…


and the baked beans, so easy to make and once you have tried them,Heinz will no longer hit the spot!


Next up, Hemsley and Hemsley the art of eating well, written by the gorgeous Hemsley sisters…


this is not a vegan book but does steer clear of refined sugar and grains. My favourites are Pablos chicken a really good alternative to fried chicken….


And the super indulgent lime cheesecake……


Fancy some more healthy sweet treats? Try Sweetness and Light by Daisy Lowe…


lots of great recipes in here but our favourite is the courgette cake……


If you grow courgettes, you will almost always have a glut, this cake is a glut buster!

And finally, if you are fed up of being saintly but want to avoid eggs and dairy ( half our family is egg intolerant! ) please go and buy this….


I am not a great baker but I have had such success with this book, the vegan way of cake baking seems to me a lot easier than conventional methods. Our family favourite is the Turkish delight cake, it is soooooo good!


I will periodically update you on how my diet is going, in the meantime please let me know if you have any healthy cookbook favourites.



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